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Delivery and payment
The basic information about the delivery of our jewelry can be found here on this page.
1. Who and how will it deliver?
The delivery of all products from the site is done through the cooperation of couriers from ECONT EXPRESS. This means you can get the order you ordered or at a specified address, or at an Econt office. Fortunately, the company has a well-developed territorial network of offices and has offices in many of the cities. Delivery to an office is preferred by a large number of customers. Especially because it is cheaper, and the shipment itself can stay in the office even a few days until you find free time to pick it up. Most Econt offices work from 9:00 to 18:00 every working day. And on Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00. This working time allows all clients to visit offices and take our jewelry at their convenient time. If you are wondering if there is a company office near you, then this can easily be checked HERE.
2. Who pays the cost of delivery? And how much does it cost?
If your order is worth over  149 leva. , then delivery to an Econt office will be free for you. If the order is of a lower value, the delivery is paid by the customer depending on whether it is up to an office or an address.
- Delivery to the office costs about 4.50lv.
- Delivery to the address is about 7.50lv.
These are the basic delivery prices, but they can vary within certain limits depending on the amount of the payment and the exact place of delivery. For example, in villages and small settlements where there are no Econt offices, delivery comes a bit more expensive at 6-7 leva, but instead comes directly to your door. For more information about the exact amount of your shipping - you can contact us.
3. When will things come I ordered?
We try to deliver things to our customers as soon as possible and as soon as possible. We know well how important it is for you to deliver quickly, because the jewel itself can be a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, or the like. That's why we try to deliver within 24 to 48 hours of the order. Which means that if you order in our working hours to say today, you may still enjoy your jewel tomorrow. Of course, there are always exceptions, we take into account the working hours of ECONT EXPRESS because we simply can not deliver the items themselves. This means that during all festive and weekends for Econt, we also do not work. For example, if you order something on Sunday, we will be able to send it as early as Monday as the first business day!
4. How can I be sure I will get what's in the picture?
In order to be sure of our honesty and above all, in order to be sure that you are buying the one you want, we are able to review each of our shipment. This means you can look at the jewelry first, and then decide if you want to buy it or not. If you've decided that you do not like something, or you do not like the design, or maybe you've already bought another gift for a close person, you can simply reject the shipment after review. So you will not have to buy the already ordered jewelery, and it will come back to us. However, at your expense will be the amount of the delivery.
5. How will I know that the shipment will be delivered to me?
When ordering to an Econt office, you will receive a copy of the courier company, which will contain the information you need. Which means that there will be indicated in which office the shipment is located, the address of this office, the contact phone number for the office and the amount required for payment, which includes the price of the jewelry + the price of the delivery, unless it is free of charge. Then only the price of the jewelery is paid. When delivering to an Econt office, you must go to the office and pick up your parcel. If the delivery is at your address, then your shipment will be taken by a courier from an Econt office and will be delivered directly to you at the address before the courier will contact you. If there is no one at the address, you can find out more about it at a certain time, or a day to bring you the item again when there is someone at the address to pick it up.
6. Is it possible for someone else to take my shipment?
Yes, this is not a problem. May someone else close to you take your shipment, but for this purpose he needs to know your names and that you expect a shipment. Also, in order to take a shipment, he must also pay the due amount for the jewelery and the cost of delivery, if any. This other person can take your shipment both from Econt's office and at address delivery.

7. When and how is payment made?
Although the order confirmation button says "PAYMENT", the actual one happens only when you receive the shipment. Once you've reviewed and approved it, you know that's what you ordered. Only then will you pay the cost of jewelry. Which means you are giving the money to the courier who provides the shipment. This type of payment is called cash on delivery, and money is reached by postal money transfer.
The other payment option we currently offer is bank transfer. In this way, you directly direct the payment amount (product value + delivery) to our company bank account and the shipment is delivered free of charge. This is a convenient option to pay in case you do not like to carry cash or you want to make a pleasant surprise for your loved one to get the shipment directly as a gift without having to pay anything!
We hope that we are sufficiently comprehensive about the terms of delivery. For any other questions you can always contact us.