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Shake N Vape Tribeca

Shake N Vape Tribeca
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Shake N Vape Tribeca
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Shake N Vape Tribeca


Shake N Vape is a 2 components Liquid from Geneticsvape it contains 

for 60ml

1. Base 50 ml.

2. Nicotine shot 10ml.

for 120ml.

1. Base 100ml.

2. Nicotine shot 2 x 10 ml. 

End result is :

  • light         03 mg. Strength
  • Regular   08 mg. Strength
  • Heavy     12mg. Strength
  • Xtreme 16mg. Strength

Based containing European components with purity 99.7% - 99.9% certified food law and are suitable for use
please select from the dropdown menu, Flavour, Strength and VG/PG ratio.

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