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Wotofo Congueror RTA 4.0 ml.
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Brand: Wotofo
How exactly to use WOTOFO Conqueror RTA AtomizerRemove the bottom part. Prepare the coils unscrew all the screws from area. Arranged the coil in the bottom, don’t let coil touch any right area of the platform and lock the coil by the screw drivers. Adapt the coil openings contrary to the drin..
Wotofo Serpent Mini 25 RTA atomizer 4.5ml.
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Brand: Wotofo
ParametersCapacity: 4.5ml Size: 25mm(D) x 29mm(L) Material: stainless steel, pyrex glass Thread: 510Serpent Mini 25 comes with1 x Wotofo Serpent Mini Single coil RTA 1 x Wotofo Serpent Mini dual coil deck 1 x Spare Part and Hex Key Pack 1 x Japanese Organic Cotton 1 x Pack of Wotof..
Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA atomizer 3ml
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Brand: Wotofo
 Capacity: 3mlSize: 22mm(D) x 29mm(L)Thread: 510Material: stainless steel, pyrex glass WOTOFO Serpent Mini RTA comes with1 x WOTOFO Serpent Mini single coil RTA 1 x spare part and Hex key pack 1 x Japanese organic cotton 1 x wire pack 1 x extra glass..
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