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Wotofo Congueror RTA 4.0 ml.

Wotofo Congueror RTA 4.0 ml.
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Wotofo Congueror RTA 4.0 ml.
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  • Model: Wotofo Congueror RTA

Wotofo Congueror RTA 4.0 ml.

How exactly to use WOTOFO Conqueror RTA Atomizer

  1. Remove the bottom part.
  2. Prepare the coils unscrew all the screws from area.
  3. Arranged the coil in the bottom, don’t let coil touch any right area of the platform and lock the coil by the screw drivers.
  4. Adapt the coil openings contrary to the drink route and fires uniformly, put together the cottons without top levels.
  5. Position the cotton through the coil gap and slice the extra parts.
  6. Drive the cotton in to the basic and make sure the cotton against to the drink channel slot securely.
  7. Car paint the cotton till damp by drink totally.
  8. Set the most notable part on and flip the juice move control cover till the drink channel fully shut down.
  9. Take away the drink load fill up and cover in the drink
  10. Establish the juice fill up cover on and start the juice movement control cap regarding to your wish; enjoy your vaping now.

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