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Vampire Vape Toffe Apple Aroma 30ml

Vampire Vape Toffe Apple Aroma 30ml
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Vampire Vape Toffe Apple Aroma 30ml
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Capturing the taste of a wonderful guilty pleasure, this flavour will take you straight back to your youth. There was nothing quite like sinking your teeth into sugary caramel and then biting through to the crisp apple beneath. We can’t promise you any crunch, but Toffee Apple by Vampire Vape does conjure that pleasing blend of fruitiness and hard candy. It’s a winning combination that has stood the test of time, making this concentrate a must-have addition to your vaping life.

PG Based Flavour Concentrate to be used only in E-Liquid. Dilute to suit the user, between 15-20% depending on required flavour strength. Contents approx 30ml

This delicious cake-inspired juice wonderfully captures the moreish flavours giving warm and sweet flavours with a rich coffee undertone.

*This is not intended to be vaped on its own. 

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