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Siren Neresa 500mg 30ml CBD

Siren Neresa 500mg 30ml CBD
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Siren Neresa 500mg 30ml CBD
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Siren Neresa 500mg 30ml CBD

Studies show that vaping CBD is the quickest, most effective way for your system to absorb CDB. Siren's Isolate hemp formula provides you a THC Free CBD vaping product unlike any you have ever experienced. Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

We take manufacturing seriously and stongly believe in making all our e-liquids domestically which gives us full control of the entire process. The Siren formula is blended by experienced, professional chemists using precision mixing equipment. All of our premium E-liquid is prepared according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Proper steeping is an important part of good e-liquid flavor. Steeping is critical to the taste and quality of the E-liquid. It allows all of the ingredients to properly mix, which will give you with the best possible flavor. An E-liquid that is mixed in a vape shop will not taste the same in a week as it does right then and there. That's because the E-liquid began to steep. Our premium E-liquid is already steeped by the time you open the bottle—no waiting necessary.

Nestle in for the evening with the comforting flavors of blueberry pie filling in a flaky, buttery pastry that boast a hint of lemon zest. Cozy up with Neresa and let the calming effects of the CBD send you off to dreamland.

Isolate: Our Isolate product allows you to experience high quality CBD in every drop.

Bottle Size: 30ml 500mg CBD

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