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Himbeer Brause Flavor-Trade 10ml Liquid

Himbeer Brause Flavor-Trade 10ml Liquid
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Himbeer Brause Flavor-Trade 10ml Liquid
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Size - 10ml., VG/PG: 50%/50% 

Aroma - raspberry 

The Flavour-Trade raspberry spray liquid tastes wonderfully of sparkling and sweet raspberry spray. With every single puff, the vaper can take this liquid back to long-gone childhood days. Simply an all-round refreshing and delicious raspberry fizz taste!

Flavor-Trade liquids are generally characterized by an extremely high standard of quality. The manufacturer Flavor-Trade uses only the best and purest ingredients for all of its own liquids and therefore works with the most renowned suppliers in the industry. As a result, the delicious liquids from this manufacturer offer a uniquely high degree of purity, which ideally promotes the high level of steam enjoyment. Due to the extremely high level of creativity of the Flavor-Trade development team, this manufacturer is able to bring authentic and uniquely delicious flavor compositions onto the market.

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