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18 Apr How to Ghost a Vape
A.djaber 8 98
How to Ghost a VapeHow to ghost a vape is a common trick used by teenagers to avoid being caught with a cigarette. The method is simple and looks cool when done properly. However, be careful not to ac..
30 Mar How to Do Vape Tricks
A.djaber 0 84
"How to Do Vape Tricks Are you curious to learn how to do vape tricks? There are a few different techniques to learn. The first technique is known as the Irish Waterfall. You should breathe out throug..
25 Mar How to Do Tricks With Vape Pens
A.djaber 0 896
How to Do Tricks With Vape PensOne of the most common vape tricks is the mushroom cloud. This involves exhaling vapor and then quickly sucking it back in again. This trick can be challenging and requi..
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