How to Do Tricks With Vape Pens

One of the most common vape tricks is the mushroom cloud. This involves exhaling vapor and then quickly sucking it back in again. This trick can be challenging and requires a little practice, but the results are worth the effort. This trick is great for parties and events, and is sure to make your guests go wild. Here are a few tips to get you started. Just be patient! This will take practice makes perfect! 

The Ghost Inhale. This vape trick involves exhaling a cloud of vapor and then sucking it back in, giving the observer the illusion of seeing a tornado. It's a very trippy experience - especially if you're doing it in front of an audience that didn't expect it! Try it out and surprise your friends! The trick looks complicated, but is actually quite easy to learn! 

Jellyfish. This vape trick resembles a real jellyfish floating in the air. It's also called a Force Field or Atomic Bomb. Basically, you'll be doing a ring on the vape surface and bending your arm in front of it. You'll then have a mist coming out of the O-rings, forming a jellyfish. This trick requires a lot of practice, so make sure you're comfortable with a large diameter glass. 

Ghost hit: This trick requires a flat surface and a high-speed vapor stream. The vapor will be whipped upwards and can look like a ghost. A beginner vaper can try this trick by blowing a big single O while holding the ring with one hand. Once you're comfortable with this, you can practice it in front of a mirror for maximum effect. If you are a pro, you can mentor a friend who's learning these tricks and teach them how to do them too. 

The trick is the easiest to master and can give you a massive cloud. It involves taking a long drag from the vape pen without fully inhaling the vapour. Then, blowing out forcefully through the nose and both sides of the mouth will make the vapor appear in four different streams. You can then attempt to perform the same trick a second time, until you've mastered the technique. 

When you've mastered the basic techniques, you're ready to move on to more advanced tricks. The ghost inhale trick is a great way to build up your confidence as a vaper. To perform this trick, hold the vapor for a long time and then forcefully blow out. A puffing dragon will give you a look of terror. A cigarette can't be more frightening than a dragon, and this trick will have your audience wondering what to do next.