How to Fix Vape Pen Wires

If you've recently changed a wire on your vape pen, your heating pen should still function. If the heating pen does not produce smoke or glow, your new wire is out of place. If you can't locate the broken wire, you can use a small magnet. You can get a magnet from a hardware store or home improvement center. You can use the magnet to gently jostle the metal wire that is loose.

To begin the process of fixing broken vape pen wires, you need to remove the heating chamber and the vape cartridge. From there, you can examine the exposed wires. Make sure you don't touch the exposed wires, as they could damage the circuitry. Next, use a magnet to remove any metal wire fragments. Alternatively, you can use a pair of pliers to pry the plastic casing off the exposed wires.

If the heating chamber wire is disconnected, you can take off the whole thing and examine the wiring. Stainless steel wires are ideal for a beginner, since they work both in TC and wattage modes. Depending on your vape pen, you may need to adjust the coil to suit your preferences. You should be careful not to touch the coil, as touching it will melt it. If you do, you'll need to buy a new one and reattach the broken wires.

To replace a broken vape pen wire, unplug the device from the charger. Once this has been done, you'll need to remove the cartridge and all its parts. Once removed, carefully unscrew the two pieces of the heating chamber and clean the exposed wires with a magnet or isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol won't damage the circuitry and will remove any excess buildup. In addition, you can also use a small magnet to gently push any metal wire fragments away.

To clean a broken vape pen wire, remove the cartridge and heat it up. Then, you can clean the exposed wires with a magnet or isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol shouldn't affect the circuitry, but you can use it to remove buildup. To prevent the battery from heating up, use a small magnet to loosen the metal wire. This can also remove the broken wires that are inside the heating chamber.

To clean a damaged wire, simply remove the heating chamber. Once you've removed the cartridge, you'll be able to see the wire coil underneath. The wire coil is located above the battery and the heating chamber. If the wire needs to be adjusted, it won't heat up. To avoid touching the coil, keep the heating chamber at the same angle. If the wiring is broken, clean it with isopropyl alcohol.